Friday, December 31, 2010

A lot of good that is

This is my second net built. It still needs the net sewn in. I wanted to get some pics taken of it with my new camera. The hoop is out of walnut and maple and the grip is a nice piece of box elder burl I found next to the stream. The inset is chokecherry burl, which I like alot. I need to find a bigger piece to do the main part out of chokecherry. I tried making the grip a little more grippier. I used a rotory tool to give it some character. I love how it turned out and am starting to work on a third. Plus I am really wanting to build another rod. I also took a few random pics with my new camera to test it out. It is the gopro camera, set to take apic every 2 seconds.


Nathan Ira said...

Seriously? That net is sooooo bad.

Anonymous said...

Very good looking net frame. What net are you planning to put on the frame?

Chasin Trout said...

Thanks, I put a brodin ghost bag in it.