Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Sunday morning I left my house at six a.m.. It took about two hours to get to Strawberry. It was snowing so hard I could barely see the turn off and I was only going 25MPH. So I get on the ice and the only thing that wasn't white is a part of the lake where the water comes in from the river. Everything else was white. The ground,sky, east and west, north and south. My tracks I made were filled with snow in about 20 min. So If I couldn't see the inlet (the only thing that wasn't white) I wouldn't know which way to get back to my truck. It was exciting. Caught three nice Cutthroats. When I was leaving I could not see the road and I got too far to the left and got stuck. I dug for an hour with no luck. That is when a new kind of fear came over me. Luckily I wasn't miles from the highway. So I walked to it and waved down help. So then I'm headin home and got to Midway to find out that Provo canyon is closed, cause of snow. So I went and crashed Jeff and Karen's Superbowl party and headed home the next morning. Adventure

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Peaceful Day

It is always a peaceful day when you are fishing. Caught some more on my Bamboo Rod, as the snow slowly fell.