Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Uncle Morgan

Sadly, yesterday my uncle Morgan died very unexpectantly. I always remember him smiling or laughing. He died on the mountain with his horse cuttin christmas trees. I will always remember him wearin his pants inside his cowboy boots, sittin in the sagebrush drinkin a DR Pepper, reciting his latest poem and his bright red coat.
I took this picture Oct 10 on a deer hunt. We got an early start and the wind blew cold. We brushed the the first few pockets, with no luck. We stopped in the tall pines and built a fire out of the wind. Uncle Morgan had marshmallows, and it made me smile. We rode through Quake and we rode through Piney, mostly does and a few little buck. I remember he cut through the quakes below me, and I watched his red coat wander through the trees and over the pass. I can hear him hoopin and hollerin as he made his way down the hill, tryin to spook the deer out. There was snow on the peak. We stopped at the creek and inspected who had been there. The trees told us who had been there in the years past. We made our way off the mountain as we watched deer bound through the cedars.
I will never forget the last deer hunt I shared with my Uncle.

Bottom photo
My dad is on the left, uncle Morgan center, twin brother Marvin on the right. Marvin was with him when he passed on.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


These are a series of panos that I worked on quite awhile ago. Found them in my old pics.

Salmon River

I found this old pic of the Salmon River and thought is was cool.