Saturday, October 4, 2008


A few pics from cutting firewood in Almo. Almo is the little town you see between the trees. And a photo of me, bro brandon, sis Cami and dad after we got the truck load of firewood.

Saved horses

While I was in Idaho at my parents house, my dad got a phone call. The Veternarian in the area had been out to this ranch checkin someones cows, when the people asked him if he could put the horses down, "kill them". The vet said no. They are good horses. So he called my dad to see if he wanted them. Of course my dad could use more horses. Plus seeing the horses this way just makes you want to take care of them. So with in an hour my dad was on his way to get the horses. 3 in all. I took these pics to see how much they will improve. He has been givin 6 horses this year. people just don't have enough money to feed them.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My brother the hunter

This is my younger brother Brandon. He loves to hunt. In the past he has been a rifle kind of guy. This year he decided to use a bow. Last year he killed a deer, elk, antelope and cougar, with a rifle. This year he has tags for all four again but he is going to try with a bow. I think he has a good start.